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I have been working on building a new website (with the help of my super- awesome husband). The blog has now been moved to the new Lilliput Yarn website which can be found here: new blog.

If you are currently subscribed to the blog please re-subscribe on the new website. I will try to post more often so keep an eye out for some new yarn as well as a corgi or two once in a while.


“Trick or Treats”

Lily and I have been busy working on Lilliput Yarn’s first self-striping yarn called “Trick or Treats”. It’s out in plenty of time to knit up a nice pair of Halloween socks!

First we got the warping board out and made a huge loop of yarn. This was then dyed in sections. This yarn is 6 stripes- purple, orange, purple, white, black, white. IMG_4869.JPG

Once it was all dyed up we re-skeined it and brought it over to Black Sheep at Orenco where it waits for a new owner. (There will also be some going up in my Etsy shop in the near future.)IMG_4886.JPG

I was on my own by the end of this process as Lily decided that taking a nap would be more fun than getting yarn re-skeined. It’s a rough life for Lilliput!


New Colors!

Since my last post some new colors have joined the Lilliput Yarn line.



“Barking up a Tree” (Name suggested by Lynne – thanks!)



“Limber Tail” (This color makes me think of swimming in a lake which is where the colorway name comes from. Limber tail is a condition that dogs can get when swimming in cold water where they temporarily can’t wag. It’s sad when it happens but I like to think that at least the dog probably had a great time while swimming.)



“Puppy Love”



“Sasha” (Sasha is my parents dog that we got when I was in high school. Her name seemed to fit well with this colorway.)




Hand-Dyed Sock Yarn

Lately I have been having fun playing with my Jacquard acid dyes. I have been using a sock yarn base that is 80% merino and 20% nylon. Since I end up dyeing much more yarn than I can possibly knit up I decided to start up a new Etsy shop called Lilliput Yarn! My yarn is also now available at the yarn shop Black Sheep at Orenco in Hillsboro, OR. I have kept “recipies” of all of my colors so that I can repeat them in the future. Since the yarn is named after Lily, she appears on all of my yarn labels.



I started off with 10 colors but plan on increasing this number in the future. The colors that I have so far are:



Chocolate Lab




Doggy Paddle


Evening Stroll




Jumping in the Leaves


Man’s Best Friend




Raining Cats and Dogs



Rolling in the Grass

Warm Toes

More socks. What can I say- I like making them…

20131029-210830.jpg 20131029-210840.jpg

Yarn- Sweet Georgia Superwash Sock, Boheme colorway

Pattern- My own standard toe-up, short row heel

20131029-210852.jpg 20131029-210904.jpg

Yarn-  Palouse Yarn Company BFL Sock

Pattern- Pomatomus by Cookie A.


Yarn- Black Trillium Fibre Studio Merilon Sock, Chennai colorway

Pattern- My own standard toe-up, short row heel

Maddy’s Minion Hat

Way back before Halloween my brother and sister-in-law asked if I could make a minion hat for my niece for Halloween. Of course I couldn’t turn them down as she is so much fun to make stuff for. I found this Minion hat pattern on etsy that seemed to be just what I was looking for.I even happened to have all the needed yarn in my stash leftover from other projects. I don’t crochet much anymore since I over did it one time a few years ago to the point where my wrist really started hurting. Now every time I crochet the pain comes back and I have to be very careful to keep my crochet sessions short. Anyway, the baby hat was easy to break into short sessions and I still was able to finish it in a weekend.


Looks good, right? Well I always run stuff like this through the washing machine before giving it away if for no other reason then to make sure it will survive. I have never had an item (that is machine washable) not survive the wash session until this hat. I took it out and there was a gaping hole in the top. Since it was crocheted from the top down I didn’t see any way to repair this without ripping out the whole hat. Luckily I was able to salvage the eyes and bow.


Attempt #2 turned out pretty well also.


But nothing can compare to how cute the little girl wearing it was! :)


The Post Christmas Post

Hope everyone had a happy holiday season! While we missed our families in Alaska we had a good, quiet Christmas and New Years. Lily and Rudy especially enjoyed having a tree in the house although it was a constant battle keeping them from tearing off branches to chew on (good thing they’re cute!)


Last Christmas I made Lily her own little stocking so this year I thought that I should make Rudy a matching one.


He wanted to eat it and run around with it in his mouth so I guess he approves of it.


Other than the stocking my main Christmas knitting project was a pair of felted clogs for all the parents. The pattern is Felted Clogs by Bev Galeskas. I knit them in worsted weight Wool of the Andes on size 13 needles and then felted them in the washing machine. Before felting they were huge. This picture has one of my shoes on the left for comparison.


After felting they looked like this: ( I forgot to take post-felting pics of the pairs for my dad and my father-in-law)

20140105-192119.jpg 20140105-192127.jpg

The maroon colored pair was for my mom and the teal color for my mother-in-law. The black and orange was for my dad who is a Flyer’s fan and the green and gold pair was for my father-in-law the Packer fan.

Happy New Year everyone!


I’m very far behind in posts, but earlier this month my husband and I acquired a new family member. Meet Rudy:


Rudy is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi just like our other dog, Lily. If you recall from Lily’s post she got a hand-knit blanket, so of course Rudy needed one too!


It’s all made with scraps of worsted weight yarn held double on size 13 needles which  made it a relatively quick knit. The pattern is based on the Log Cabin blanket from Mason Dixon Knits with an i-cord added to the edge.


He is much calmer than Lily (which isn’t hard to do as she is quite a spaz!) and likes to just chill out.


He and Lily have become best buddies. They love to hang out together and she is a pretty good babysitter. She always keeps track of where he is and what he’s doing.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall Cowl

If you remember a few posts ago  I had spun some yarn using the fractal spinning method. I just finished knitting this yarn up into a cowl. The pattern is Stacked Eyelet Cowl by Ami Madison. I ended up making it too small at first and had to rip it out and start again with more stitches and bigger needles.

Here is the pre-blocking picture:



and post-blocking:



I think that the colors turned out pretty interesting and will most likely be trying this fractal plying method again in the future.

The cowl is long enough that I can either loop it around my neck once or twice, I am pretty excited that the weather is finally cooling down enough that I will be able to wear it soon!

20130922-162704.jpg 20130922-162712.jpg


Lily was very interested in what I was doing and decided to be in the pictures as well.



She’s even a pretty good model!



I have been planning to make felted clogs for a while but due to my past history with felting (not good…) I have been hesitant to try. I can’t remember which of us brought it up, but Jason mentioned that he would like some felted clogs for this winter. So, I ordered some Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted weight yarn and bought the pattern.

The way they work is that you knit really huge slippers then put them in the washing machine with hot water to shrink them. I made a pair for myself first as the tester pair before making a pair for Jason.

Here is my pair before felting:




And after felting:



You may have noticed that the colors are different on the inside of each clog. This is because I messed up the amounts when I ordered the yarn. You need about 2/3 the total amount of yarn for the soles and top rim and 1/3 for the foot. I got this backward and ran out of brown yarn by the inner sole of the second slipper. Fortunately they look exactly the same except if you were to actually look inside them.

We were both quite shocked by the size of Jason’s clogs prior to felting! They were so huge that I could fit both my feet into one of them with plenty of room to spare.

Here are the before pics with an iphone and Jason’s feet for size reference:



After felting they fit him perfectly:



Now we will both have cozy feet this winter!


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